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Stress and anxiety are critical factors that can influence our well-being.  The world is an ever-changing landscape and we are constantly forced to navigate through the many challenges and uncertainties that life can bring;  with its daily hustle and bustle, it's easy to get  stressed and anxious about our current and future circumstances, eg. relocating home, change in income, moving to a new place, getting a new job, childbirth and sickness are significant changes that can affect our mental stability.   Trying to adjust to these demands can feel insurmountable and sometimes overwhelming which as a result can impact our health and wellbeing adversely.

Life’s many and constant uncertainties can cause us to become apprehensive about the future even if these changes potentially could bring positive and good to our life.   Stepping into the unknown can quite often feel like imminent danger and hence we struggle to progress through life.  This struggle may be unnecessarily depriving us from trusting our life’s journey and really experiencing life, living in the now and understanding that we came to this life to experience it.  Developing a Growth Mindset is key to overcoming life’s many challenges.  A change in mind-set is key to affecting positive change in life; the rest just falls into place.

As an expert well-being coach, I will coach and equip you with the right mechanisms, techniques and strategies to help you form a Growth Mindset as opposed to a Fixed Mindset.   A mindset that allows you to be in control and in charge of your life rather than allowing circumstances, situations and external forces to control you and your life.  This is key to improving mental health and enjoying overall wellbeing.  I use dialogue to uncover suppressed traumas experienced through life, mainly during childhood years with a view to eliminating or controlling troubling symptoms and enabling you to function better and increase wellbeing and healing.

In my wellness coaching and therapy session, we will:

  • Identify your major stressors
  • Provide resources to manage these stressors
  • Provide tips and tools to improve your wellness
  • Offer acceptance, empathy and guidance as you work on your own personal growth and positive change

If you are looking for ways to navigate a stressful, anxious life, then my wellness coaching session is for you.

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