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To be a tween or a teenager in this day and age, I believe is most challenging! What with the many changes brought about by COVID19, unfortunately their future would appear most unclear right at an age where they are most seeking clarity. After all, they are no longer a child and not yet an adult. It is a critical phase in their life because these are the formative years that shape their thoughts, beliefs, and actions as they grow to become adults. As a professional life coach, I offer training in workshops, small groups, and individual coaching to support teenagers as they grow intellectually, emotionally, and physically. These coaching session allows them to tackle limiting beliefs early, so they grow up to become confidant adults.

I use Neuro-linguistic programming to evaluate their thoughts, fears, and concerns about the future, builds strong self-belief, and empower them to face life independently.

My coaching session is a safe space for tweens and teens seeking to be heard and seen. They can express their fears, doubts, and challenges, and I provide the resources they need to combat these issues successfully. As a result, they become better versions of themselves and have the resources required to make the best decisions regarding their career, personal, mental, and emotional growth.

So, if you are looking to help your child navigate life with confidence and self-trust, becoming more self-reliant, my coaching session will help.

I will coach your tween / teen to:

Understand why routine is essential to building discipline

  • Why discipline is essential to building focus and direction
  • Cope with Bullying and peer pressure
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Deal with School and peer pressure
  • Be creative
  • connect with themselves and others
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