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You want to take action but the "How" keeps you stuck
Do you lack purpose and meaning in your life
Have you lost sight of what you want and what you can achieve
Are you tired of trying to live up to someone else's expectations
Are you just getting by
Do you feel unfulfilled
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“Where attention goes, energy flows and results show” ~ Tony Robbins
Where do you find yourself today? Are you happy? Are you living the life you love? To get what you really want from life, you need to get very clear on what you want. Set a clear intention and elevate that intention with purpose and meaning.

Life's many challenges can sometimes find us spiraling into negative thinking that cause us to be pessimistic about life. Using an NLP approach, we look at how you view the world or circumstances and how that may be impacting your personal choices in life, especially choices that cause distress. 

It’s about changing your belief system based on the fact that you’re the best person to understand your experiences and needs by offering guidance and support without interpreting your feelings for you.

As a coach and therapist, I will build rapport with you and guide you to speak your truth and live a more authentic life. I will actively listen and use strategic questioning to ensure I understand you. You will be encouraged to consider concepts such as responsibility and accountability for your choices and your freedom to make those choices. Together we will then explore how to find greater meaning to your life.

My personal coaching session entail:
  • Assessing your thinking pattern and identifying why you think the way you do
  • Evaluating the reasons and providing different tools and strategies to eliminate negative and pessimistic perceptions so you can have a brighter outlook on life
  • Analyzing your personal goals and creating a plan that helps you get to where you want to be
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