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“Your State of Mind is Everything” ~ Bruce Lee ~

After several decades of studying the human condition across early childhood and adolescents, aged care, and the criminal justice sectors in Australia, as a Life-coach and Therapist, I use Life-Coaching skills, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy skills, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and Counselling to enable my clients to identify and remedy behaviors and thought patterns that may be barriers to them attaining their full potential and optimal growth in their personal and professional life.

My role as a Life-Coach and Therapist affords me the innate ability to respectfully delve into areas of my client's sacred inner world, which often stems from early childhood circumstances or life traumas. I invest time, meticulous care, and deep insight in proven methodologies and undergird contemporary science to deliver successful results to my clients.

My success as a Life-coach and therapist is based on gently identifying legacy events in one's life, which have served as the silent catalyst to behaviors that seriously de-rail an individual. The key to moving forward in healing and growth must have an individuated tailor-made therapeutic plan with clear set expectations against agreed timelines to be gently shepherded towards wellness; the wins are realized almost immediately!

I am passionate about helping people realize their potential and motivations and let go of past traumatic experiences to create the life they desire.

I will help you discover why you behave the way you do and empower you to make positive changes in your thoughts and actions.

With my therapy and coaching sessions, you are guaranteed to attain self-awareness, let go of limiting beliefs and live your best life!


“Every Life is Capable of Greatness”

~ Condoleezza Rice ~

I truly believe that every one of us comes to this life with our own special gift/s to share with this world and it is my mission to help you align with your purpose in accordance with your values, goals and desires in becoming the best version of YOU!

I will help you discover your true potential for happiness, success, fulfillment and life-balance by helping you identify and let go of any inhibitions, bad habits, defeatist type behaviors, fears and negative thought patterns that may be stopping you from achieving your goals.

Discover how you can be who you want to be, manifest and achieve what you want and live life to the fullest.

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